International Arbitration, Litigation and Domain Name Disputes
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Arbitration is getting more popular as compared to litigation, in resolution of commercial disputes. Arbitration has several advantages over litigation, some of which are mentioned below::
  •    Confidentiality of a dispute;
  •     The possibility of enforcement of award in more than 150 countries;
  •     Speedy ​​resolution of a dispute and award making;
  •     Freedom of choice by the parties to the dispute resolution procedure; & choice of arbitrator
  •     Reimbursement of costs incurred during arbitration.

We provide the following services in Russia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore:

  •     Legal consultation in dispute resolution
  •     Verification of parties and credit check;
  •     Representation in arbitration;
  •     Assistance in litigation;
  •     Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
We repesent our clients in fast track Administrative Proceedings with Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (the "ADNDRC") under Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the "UDRP") and CNDRP for '.cn' domain names in particular.
ADNDRC has offices in Beijing (CIETAC) and Hong Kong (HKIAC).
Administrative Proceedings are document-based proceedings, oral hearing are extremely rare.
Time-limit to render a decision by the Panel: within 2 months from the commencent date.  
Administrative and Panelist fee for one '.cn' domain name case (if no hearing is involved which is exceptional): 8,000CNY (Single Panelist) or 14,000CNY (Three Panelists). Single Panelist is a defaulting rule.
Language of the Administrative Proceedings: shall be the language of the registration agreement, under CNDRP shall be Chinese language as a practice.
Remedies: transfer or cancelling of the domain name (cancelling remedy is rare).
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